La Presserie why fresh frozen?

Fresh-Frozen is Better

From farm to bottle, see how frozen is nature's pause button and the smart choice for convenience, nutrition and taste.

The Best Taste

Everything we do is based on one goal – to craft the best tasting and most nutritious cold pressed products. Period. The key to achieving this goal is our proprietary Fresh-Freezing process. It ensures that no matter when you enjoy any of our artisanal products, they always taste like when they were just pressed - simply delicious.

The Highest Quality

To ensure product quality maximum flavour, intensity, and nutrition we carefully select our ingredients from local farms and select partners around the world when they are in season. We then lock in that freshness by fresh freezing our products the moment they are pressed. From farm to bottle, our products will always make an impression.

Pure And Natural

Choosing La Presserie means knowing that every bottle contains only one thing – raw, natural, fruits and vegetables. By flash-freezing our products right after cold pressing, we can ensure it stays safe and natural, without pasteurization or artificial preservatives.

Better Nutrition

Most companies pasteurize (boil/heat) their plant-based products . That’s because soon after they are made, enzymes quickly start breaking down the fruits and vegetables, altering the taste, nutritional value, antioxidants and vitamins. And while pasteurization extends shelf life, it destroys most of the good stuff.

Freezing on the other hand is nature’s pause button. It seals in flavour, freshness, nutrients, and antioxidants. Choosing La Presserie means you always get the highest nutrition possible every time.

Unmatched convenience

At La Presserie we believe that better nutrition and better choices are two of the key ingredients to happiness. By fresh-freezing our products, we believe that we make it easier for people to make better choices.

Our products can be stored frozen for up to six months . Just take out of the freezer, defrost in the fridge and enjoy.

A Greener Choice

At La Presserie we believe that better food choices also means better choices for the environment. Experts agree that frozen products have a lower carbon footprint that non frozen products or fresh products.This is achieved in three ways:

Less waste at home. One-third of food worldwide ends up in the trash. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often the culprits. By using our fresh-freeze process and offering smaller portion sizes, we help reduce waste.

Less waste in store. Because our products are stored frozen, everyone from grocery stores, to bars and restaurants can better manage inventory, avoid waste and always ensure the freshness of our products.

Lastly, using fresh freezing means we can purchase more fruits and vegetables locally during the year, instead of sourcing them from abroad. This reduces our carbon footprint, creates local jobs and ensures you always have the freshest juice possible.

A Smarter Choice

Research suggests that incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet can improve the health of your brain and mental function by up to 24% . Plant-based foods may even help slow cognitive decline. With our master artisans and mixologists taking  flavour science to a new level, we create  perfectly balanced flavours that will delight even the most finicky ones in the family.

Fresh-Frozen Innovation

We call the innovative technology that enables us to deliver the freshest possible juice to you every time Fresh-Frozen. It all starts with building a state of the art, high-tech facility and an incredible team of engineers, flavour scientists, mixologists and artisans. Together they designed tools, custom presses and our secret process for crafting and instantly freezing our artisanal juices. A process that has created a juice unlike any you will have tasted. One that delivers on our promise and our goal to craft the best tasting cold pressed juice in the world. Period.